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Gourmet Smoked Foods

The Smoking Process

Cold smoked meats

Cold smoking is a process which can take up to three months. This slow smoking process requires skill akin to wine or cheese making to guarantee a high quality and consistent product.

The process begins with curing the meat in a unique blend of herbs and salts for each product. For prosciutto and bresaola, the meats are pressed for some considerable time prior to smoking to remove excess moisture.

After curing, the items are placed in the smokehouse for up to three days, with no heat, before being vacuum packed for freshness.

Cold smoked meats are usually served cold, in an antipasto. However, some items ‘fry off’ well—for example lamb prosciutto is a good substitute for bacon.

Hot smoked meats

The hot smoking process is much faster than cold smoking and takes only three to five days to complete. The products are cured for between 12 and 36 hours in a brine of salts, sugar, water and other spices, depending on the product. Once cured, the products are hot smoked using beech wood and vacuum packed to seal in the freshness. Hot smoked meats have a shelf-life of six to eight weeks.

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