Smokehouse Restaurant

Coffee and sweets | smokehouse platters Monday to Sunday from 9.30AM.

Thursday to Sunday, 2 and 3 course lunch from 11.45am

Cellar Door and Farm Shop

Seven Days 9:30 – 5:00pm

02 6230 2487
431 Nanima Road
Springrange NSW 2618
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We are one of the finest smokehouses in Australia with our products regularly winning medals at the Royal Fine Food Shows, including trophies for the most highly scoring product in class. Our products are prepared using traditional hand-crafted techniques by a team dedicated to making exceptional quality products with craftsman like care. We share your passion for quality ingredients so that you can make dishes that look wonderful and taste terrific.


Smoked goods are one of the traditional “slow foods”. Our range includes both classic and innovative items such as bresaola, nitrite free bacon, kangaroo prosciutto and smoked chicken breast.

Our products are available for both retail and food service customers.We have distributors supplying to Canberra, Sydney, Regional NSW, Victoria, Tasmania, SA and QLD.


Canberra & Regional NSW and Snowies

Brindabella Fine Foods. Contact Brindabella

Sydney, northern NSW, QLD, Tasmania and SA

Cartel & Co. Contact Cartel & Co


South Coast

Flavours of Shoalhaven. Contact Flavours

We are always happy to take direct enquiries and put you in touch with our distributors. If you would prefer this, please email

Smoked Meat Stockists

Our products are available at independent grocers and delis in Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne, South Australia and Tasmania.

Find out if a deli or grocer near you stocks our products.

      HACCP accredited

      Poachers Pantry products are processed in a modern HACCP accredited facility, meeting the stringent standards set by SafeFood NSW, Qantas and Spotless Services. The facility, the production process and processing controls are all covered by the HACCP program and are regularly audited by two independent auditors.

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