Smokehouse Restaurant

Coffee and sweets | smokehouse platters Monday to Sunday from 9.30AM.

Thursday to Sunday, 2 and 3 course lunch from 11.45am

Cellar Door and Farm Shop

Seven Days 9:30 – 5:00pm

02 6230 2487
431 Nanima Road
Springrange NSW 2618
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The Grower

The Poachers Vineyard, managed by second-generation grower, William Bruce.

Will’s interest in farming and grape growing started as a child, spending hours in the vineyard with his dad, Rob over the spring and summer months.

Over the last decade, Will has worked alongside renowned local wine-makers and viticulturalists to ensure that the Poachers Vineyard is one of the best in the Canberra District, implementing organic practices and modern growing techniques to suit an ever changing climate.


The Poachers Vineyard is unique with two vineyard sites, with varying aspects and soils.

The Ahchow Hill site is north facing, making it perfect for growing our Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and Sangiovese.

The Nanima Block faces east, allowing the Shiraz, Pinot Noir and Riesling grapes to bask in the light of the morning sun, while being protected from the western sun by the shade of the granite hills behind the vines.

Cellar Door

Enjoy a range of the Poachers Vineyard wine varietals at our Cellar Door, located within the Smokehouse Restaurant.

Splash tastings and seated wine tastings are available, 9:30-5PM.

Bookings are highly recommended for seated tastings on weekends.

The Poachers Wine Club

Become a Poachers Wine Club member to receive exclusive benefits including discounts on wine purchases and offers when visiting the Smokehouse Restaurant.

Wholesale Wine

If you’d like to stock Poachers Vineyard wine in your bottle shop, wine bar or restaurant, please contact the PV Wine team on


For Poachers Vineyard Wine in Sydney, contact Viticult via their website or via email.

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