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Caramelised Pear and Poachers prosciutto pizza

Serves 2
Serve with a glass of Poachers Tempranillo.


Pizza Dough:


2 tsp (7 g sachet) dried yeast

1 cup (250ml) lukewarm water

2 2/3 cup (400g) plain flour, plus extra to dust

2 tsp salt

3 tbsp (1/4 cup) olive oil



Pizza sauce (store bought recommended for convenience)

2 firm pears, e.g. Corella or Packham variety

1/4 cup caster sugar

1 pkt 70 g Poachers classic pork prosciutto

120 g Gorgonzola

40 ml balsamic reduction

30 g wild roquette





Pizza dough:

Whisk yeast and water in a heatproof jug.  Stand for 5 minutes or until bubbly.

Place flour and salt in a large bowl.  Make a well in the centre.  Pour in the yeast mixture and oil.

Using your hands, mix the dough until it comes together and is smooth.  Turn out onto a lightly floured work surface and knead briefly.

Place dough in a slightly oiled bowl and cover with cling wrap.  Set aside in a warm place to rise for 30 minutes to an hour until it doubles in size.

Turn dough out onto a lightly floured surface and knead gently for another 5 minutes or until smooth.  Divide dough and roll out pizza bases to size.

Sprinkle a little flour on the bench before rolling to prevent dough from sticking.


Caramelised pear:

To prepare the pears, wash, core and peel.  Cut each pear into eight even-sized wedges.  Set aside in acidulated water (lemon juice and water) enough to cover.

Heat a large, stainless-steel pan over high heat.

While the pan is heating, place the sugar into a flat bowl (or plate).  Lightly coat the pears with the sugar.

Once the pan is hot, place the pears, flat-side-down, into the pan.  Let cook until the bottom begins to caramelise and brown.  Swirl the pan a bit to slide the pears around.  The juices from the pears will help prevent the sugar from overheating and burning.

Note:  If you are using a gas stove, just make sure the flame isn’t coming up the sides of the pan, or the sugar can burn and make bitter a taste.

Once the first side is golden and caramelised gently turn each wedge over.  Continue to cook until both sides are golden and caramelised.


Assembly tips:

In a hot oven at least 215 degrees preheat a heavy-based tray or pan, assemble pizza all except the roquette and balsamic reduction.

Reduce heat to 180 degrees and bake for 12-15 mins, finish with wild roquette and balsamic reduction.


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