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Welcome to Poachers Pantry

Since 1991, our small family run business has grown from a producer of gourmet smoked meats to include a Smokehouse Cafe, Wily Trout cool climate wine range, farm shop, cellar door and rustic wedding location.

We have a passion for high quality, regional produce and love sharing it with family and friends.

It’s all here for you to enjoy - a Poachers regional food and wine experience...simply perfect.

Poachers Pantry featured in Tourism Australia Campaign 

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Latest Event

A Deconstructed Degustation in Four Chapters

A sensational food and wine experience in four distinct chapters. Meet us at Lennox Gardens at 5PM on Saturday the 7th of February for the first part of your journey. Oysters on the ..
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Wedding Open Night - sample a Poachers wedding

Make sure you don't miss our Wedding Open Nights, throughout the year. Our next one is on Wednesday, 4th of February at 6.30pm or 7.30pm. At the open night, you will have an opportunity to see exa..
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